What do I need to bring to my appointment?

A photo ID, insurance cards, list of medications, glasses and/or contacts, specialist co-pay and refraction fee of $35.00 to your appointment.

I have insurance, so why am I being charged $40.00 for a refraction?

A refraction is the part of your complete eye examination that determines whether or not you need glasses or a change in your present glasses. The charge for this service is $40.00 and is NOT COVERED BY MOST MEDICAL INSURANCES. The medical part of your exam is covered. We expect payment for this service at the time of your visit.

Do I need a driver for this appointment?

A driver is recommended as your vision may be blurred from dilation. If you haven’t had a problem before, you may use your judgment.

About how long will my appointment take?

You should expect to be at your appointment about 2 hours. Some appointments may take less time, but we want you to be prepared.

Will I be dilated?

You should be prepared for dilation at each visit, even if it didn’t occur at a previous visit you had.

Why do I have to wait so long to see the doctor when I arrived on time to my appointment?

There are several tests which must be done by the technician so that your doctor will have necessary information to evaluate your eyes. You may also be dilated for the appointment, which takes 30 minutes.

Why do you need to know my medical history if I am only here about my eyes?

Many medical conditions affect the health of the eyes.

Why do you ask what medications I am taking?

Medications, prescriptions, etc. can affect the health of the eyes, and also indicate to the eye care provider what the patient is being treated for.