What Causes Cataracts?

You’ve probably heard the term “cataract” but, if you’re like most people, you don’t actually know what it means. A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens, which sits behind the pupil and is responsible for focusing light. In a healthy eye, this lens is clear but over time proteins in the lens … Continue reading

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Dynamic Range

The retina has a static contrast ratio of around 100:1 (about 6.5 f-stops). As soon as the eye moves (saccades) it re-adjusts its exposure both chemically and geometrically by adjusting the iris which regulates the size of the pupil. Initial dark adaptation takes place in approximately four seconds of profound, uninterrupted darkness; full adaptation through adjustments in retinal … Continue reading

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Eye Irritation

Eye irritation has been defined as “the magnitude of any stinging, scratching, burning, or other irritating sensation from the eye”.[5] It is a common problem experienced by people of all ages. Related eye symptoms and signs of irritation are e.g. discomfort, dryness, excess tearing, itching, grating, sandy sensation, smarting, ocular fatigue, pain, scratchiness, soreness, redness, swollen … Continue reading

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